Gender Equality Statement

Gender Equality Statement and Commitment

At SBBSL we believe that gender equality is essential for improving the well being of all women, men, girls, boys and gender non-conforming people and achieving inclusive sustainable development. We believe that all women and girls should live a life free from oppression, discrimination, and constraints.
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Through our programs and projects, we work to redress women’s specific gendered disadvantages. We facilitate the enhancement of women’s voice and inclusion and aim to improve systems and structures that act as obstacles for women’s socioeconomic and political participation.
Although there has been much progress in improving the circumstances of women and girls in Suriname, there remain significant challenges to achieving this goal. Our commitment to gender equality is founded on the Human Rights Framework and globally agreed principles including equality, non-discrimination, participation, and inclusion. It is based on international and regional standards, in particular the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women and global targets outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals.
SBBSL recognizes that the identities and backgrounds of women are diverse and multiple with regard to race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, age, and socioeconomic status among others and these factors intersect to further disadvantage many women and girls. Through our work we are committed to addressing the multiple barriers that women and girls experience as a result of their diverse identities and backgrounds. We acknowledge that men and boys are also shaped by sociocultural expectations related to masculinity constructs in different contexts. We therefore engage with men and boys to address gender norms that constrain and limit the advancement towards gender equality.