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Our mission is to support development, cultural exchange and stability of migrants who are inadequately served.

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Community Building

Building a strong sense of community within Suriname’s migrant population, by reducing social inequalities, promoting cultural integration and sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge.

We speak your language

At SBBSL we speak over nine (9) different languages, regional and international including several dialects, ensuring no barrier in communication.


We believe that Tele-health can mobilise all aspects of healthcare by decreasing transmission of disease, referring people to the right level of care and ensure safety by providing certain health services online.

Reaching out to those most vulnerable offering…

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Livelihood Support

Paramaribo Central


Capacity Building Workshops



Psycho-Social Care

Paramaribo North


Telehealth Consultations



STD/STI Awareness and Testing


Building Bridges... of Hope!

We focus on a community–led approach to increase social and economic inclusion of migrants, and being part of the global action on climate change in agriculture, linking to food security & sustainability.

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Hours of service Monday-Friday [08:00 - 15:00] Saturday - Sunday [CLOSED]

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Our Campaign Bulletin Board

We at SBBSL strive to reduce social inequalities by promoting cultural integration and sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge. As such we are obliged to take measures to protect ourselves and the community we serve. Hence we have made the decision to provide all of our services online and remote. Please contact us to make an appointment should you want to speak with us in person at your residence or a neutral location.

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