Our Story

El tiempo de Dios es perfecto!

Humble beginnings lasting impact


Stg. Building Bridges…Saving Lives (SBBSL) was established in 2020 after a group of concerned individuals identified the need for an organization that would provide a voice for migrant women, girls and their families. SBBSL is a women centred, registered non-profit organization in Suriname. Our beginning was humble , we started supporting migrant women and their families with our own personal earnings and from small anonymous donations. We worked alongside other NGO’s collaborating on outreach activities, being the cultural mediator and health focal point for migrant women and their families.

Our primary objectives are to tackle the challenges and inequities that migrant women and girls face across Suriname; by working closely with Spanish speaking and Haitian Creole speaking communities. Advocating for cultural exchange between migrant  and local Surinamese women sharing ideas, collaboration on projects building bridges that connect culture, race, language and resources. Ultimately fostering a support network of women supporting women through dialogue and creating a sustainable livelihood for themselves and future generations 

SBBSL also supports projects relating to climate change and sustainable agriculture that are women focused. As such we have a team that brings over 10 years of non-profit experience combined.