What we do

Community Outreach
Our Community Outreach and Advocacy program provides support to migrant women and their families by helping develop skills, knowledge and experience of individuals and groups through a variety of projects and initiatives. Our community outreach team work hard to create links between immigrant communities and society at large.

Livelihood Support
We provide emergency food packages and rental assistance to migrant women and families. Based on funding availability on a short term basis, while we look into a long term sustainable solutions for the family.

Capacity Building Workshops
Gender equality is one of SBBSL core values, all projects and activities that we do ensure inclusion and gender equality for migrant women and girls. As migrant women and girls should be free to live their chosen life, thrive socially and economically, participate and take a lead as equals. As such Women and girls are key agents of development and change. Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is vital to building fair, inclusive, prosperous and peaceful society.

STD/STI Awareness and Testing
We fight to eliminated discrimination against HIV and other STD/STI very seriously. As migrant populations are often victims of neglect, stigma and discrimination based on their status. Our role is to remove all barriers assuring that migrant women and their families have access to STD /STI testing and educational sessions that brings awareness and change.

Psycho-Social Care
As we work primarily with migrant Spanish and Haitian Creole speaking communities this service has proven to be invaluable. Our sessions are client centered, given in the native language of the client in a setting chosen by the client.

Telehealth Consultations
Providing free sustainable medical expertise to vulnerable migrant communities in Suriname and abroad.


Stg. Building Bridges... Saving Lives (SBBSL)

We at SBBSL strive to reduce social inequalities by promoting cultural integration and sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge. As such we are obliged to take measures to protect ourselves and the community we serve. Hence we have made the decision to provide all of our services online and remote. Please contact us to make an appointment should you want to speak with us in person at your residence or a neutral location.

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