Building a Community Cross-movement Collaboration and Action Around Climate Justice and Human Rights in the Caribbean.

SBBSL is currently participating as a partner organization in an exciting project in Suriname, collaborating specifically with two vulnerable communities, including migrant women, to enhance capacities in climate change and justice. The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC) coalition is the primary sponsor of this initiative. Their mission involves empowering marginalized populations through innovative strategies and partnerships to address climate justice issues impacting their communities and to devise tangible solutions benefiting both their communities and society at large.

Given that many of the groups SBBSL works with, particularly migrant women, are disproportionately affected by climate change in the Caribbean and lack adequate adaptive capacity, they face significant challenges in responding effectively to climate-related disasters and pollution.

CVC has spearheaded a cross-movement building initiative aimed at fostering trust, forging alliances, and establishing shared principles through citizen engagement programs in rural and peri-urban areas. This endeavor has successfully united diverse groups, including agricultural workers, mine workers, marginalized youth, LGBTQ+ individuals, migrants, and those living below the poverty line, among others, in various communities..

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