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Supporting Sustainable Agriculture, February 2021 – Ongoing

We have been doing research and filed work on starting a food security project ,This project hope to bring training and support to women and girls in the small scale sustainable production of livestock and crops. We have been working closely with farmers and other producers gaining valued insight in order to support women and girls.

SBBSL has actively undertaken research and fieldwork for a food security project, dedicated to providing training and support for women and girls in small-scale sustainable livestock and crop production. Through close collaboration with farmers and producers, the organization gathers valuable insights to empower women and girls in agriculture.

A key initiative is the Indigenous Chicken Hatchery (AgriHub Caribbean Impex N.V.), a social enterprise project. The hatchery focuses on producing hatching eggs from selectively bred local chicken breeds, emphasizing hybrid vigor and adaptability to Suriname’s climate.

The main breeding facility separates breeders into groups to enhance fecundity and prevent inbreeding, with a preference for natural incubation by allowing hens to hatch their eggs. Artificial incubation complements this approach with a capacity for 640 eggs. Our commitment to local breeds and sustainable practices distinguishes our hatchery.

Looking ahead, we aspire to expand this project to various locations in Suriname and the wider region. Additionally, SBBSL actively explores opportunities to broaden its impact in agriculture and climate change education, aiming to make a meaningful difference in these crucial areas.

Learn more at AgriHubCaribbean.com

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