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Indigenous Chicken Hatchery

The Indigenous Chicken Hatchery and Training Centre (ICHTC) was established by SBBSL as an income source, providing training in indigenous poultry production for women and girls. The project included purchasing chickens, producing chicks and eggs, and creating a bio-secure hatchery.

The primary goal was to enhance SBBSL’s sustainability, supporting vulnerable women and girls through indigenous chicken farming. Specific objectives involved business establishment, economic welfare improvement, and training in chicken management.

Activities included building a poultry breeding unit, hosting workshops, constructing a bio-secure breeding unit, tagging and registering chickens, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation. The project also aimed to promote indigenous chicken production through collaborations with relevant organizations.

Expected results included increased indigenous chicken production and awareness, potentially replicating the project in all districts of Suriname. The project targeted food security, gender equality, and SDG goals, supporting vulnerable women and girls in raising indigenous chickens.

Marketing strategies involved social media, word of mouth, and a dedicated website, ensuring linguistic appropriateness for the diverse languages spoken in Suriname. The project aimed to be a model for future income generation initiatives, replicating success in other districts.

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